Moving Upward From Life’s Lows


Grappling With Our Imperfect World

Pain and suffering preoccupy present-day realities. Evil, sorrow, disease, and loss are part of the heavy-weighted package of what's wrong with our world. 


Bad things routinely happen to good people. 


That’s when disappointment and disillusionment with God over an outcome of your less-than-perfect life makes you rail against Him saying, "It just isn't fair!" 


We all have experienced the raw side of dealing with pain, suffering, sorrow, and evil. And Pastor Bill is no exception. 


Not Life As It Should Be is the first of a four-part ebook series titled He Is Here And Is Not Silent that helps you grapple with our imperfect world. 


You’ll explore the answers to several emerging corollary questions. Why is life not fair? Is God fair? If not, why not? Isn't God supposed to right the wrongs of this world? Isn't the focus of the entire message of Christ's coming one of saving people from evil and suffering? 


Drawing from his personal losses and gleaning insights from the story of Ruth, Pastor Bill helps you deal with these certainties: 

Life is not fair

God is good

Life is a gift

God is in control


You’ll discover the power of moving onward and upward toward a spirit of discovery, openness, and acceptance with God.


Bill Mitchell


Bill Mitchell serves as Senior Pastor at Boca Raton Community Church, following a previous career in commercial and residential real estate for 25 years.


In his travels to over 85 countries, he developed a keen interest in and passion for the peoples and cultures of the world and strategically mentors leaders of non-profit agencies through the initiative of WorldLead.


He also facilitates BocaLead, a monthly lunch focused on developing strong, ethical business practices. With its dynamic expansion to Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, Bill challenges over 1,000 professional men and women across South Florida to transform their communities through the workplace.


Bill is an avid cyclist, who adores his five children and three grandchildren, and recently celebrated 37 years of marriage to his wife Elizabeth.

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Not Life As It Should Be
Not Life As It Should Be
Not Life As It Should Be
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